Now available for free online:Tapestry of Power--the premiere book by me. It's an awesome fantasy novel with tons of action, blood, guts, war, and even a little romance thrown in there. Read it today!

Tapestry of Power by Jessica Menn

Five Reasons to Read TOP

5. It's free
4. Other people like it
3. I'll like you if you read it
2. It will briefly make your humdrum life vaguely more interesting
1. If it's good enough for the Marine[s] it's good enough for you

New Updates

05/27/08 The next part of my Dobson critique is up in which I discuss his misuse and misinterpretation of scripture
04/29/08 I've finally started writing a comprehensive explanation for why I disagree with Dr. Dobson's child-rearing philosophy
04/17/08 When animals attack, Star Trek actors are there to fight them
04/05/08 Apparently a movie about killer frogs is really boring. Who would have guessed?

Semi-New Updates

04/02/08 My Tarzan fixation is never-ending
03/31/08 Huzzah! I actually wrote a new blog entry! About Left Behind! The most awesome movie ever!
02/21/08 I have just finished uploading the remaining chapters of Tapestry Of Power Huzzah!
02/19/08 I have just uploaded a PDF of Tapestry Of Power. It is completely edited. Enjoy

Kinda Old Updates

02/05/08 I made a video; in fact, I made several and sundry videos, I've just been too lazy to announce it here
10/02/07 I am currently being traumatized by the most hideous sound in the world
07/03/07 Talking Entertainment - The Number On Podcast In The World* is now completely off the air
06/23/07 Making fun of William Shatner never goes out of style

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