The Jessica Journals:

March 01, 2005: The Subversion Of Our Youth

For someone who has lived such a blameless and admirably upright life, I seem to exert a surprising subversive influence over the younger generation. For example, I was recently telling my sister how much I dislike fantasy RPG characters...

"...all green-eyed, black-haired elf girls with big dinners and skimpy clothes," I groused.

"'Dinners'?" Rebekah leapt upon the word.

"Yeah, 'dinners'," I answered, motioning to my own pair. "You know, like when a man is in a Hooters restaurant and the waitress asks him what he'd like to have for dinner and he says, 'I can think of two things, but they aren't on the menu. I was hoping you could help me get a special order.' You know...dinners."

Rebekah burst out laughing.

My mother, however, who had heard everything, pretended to gag then suggested that I leave the room.



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