The Jessica Journals:

June 30, 2005: The Horniness of Summer

So... you guys wanna make out or what? Summer is now in full swing, and, as women the world over know, this means an increase in the number of wolf whistles, catcalls, and general infantine attempts by the male population to get noticed/picked-up/laid. This increase cannot simply be explained by the upsurge of bikini-clad women in the sultry summer months for their efforts seem to be directed toward anything that is even vaguely feminine in form, and, apparently, any clothing less than a turtleneck, sweater, and a heavy winter coat is little enough garb for boys to determine both the sex of the clothes-wearer and the fact that they want to have sex with said individual.

There are several ways boys go about attempting to attract the opposite sex, each of which are equally stupid.

I think that covers the most basic ways in which immature males stupidly attempt to pick up women.

Some of you may have noticed that I did not mention Matt Dart, but, of course, some guys are in a category all their own.



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