This blog serves as my sanctuary on the web. It is the place I run to when I need to relax, an activity which, for me, consists mainly of mocking my sister, mocking my brother, mocking my teachers, mocking my sister, mocking boys. mocking Bill O'Reilly, mocking my sister, mocking vampires, mocking John Kerry, mocking Michael Moore, mocking Matt Dart, mocking Sarah Jessica Parker, mocking Creed, mocking Tarzan, and mocking a plethora of bad movies.

I also bash Catholics, subvert our youth, and spiral out of control on any given day.

If nothing else, I prove that I can write about anything and everything not to mention nothing at all.

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For the convenience of those who dislike reading white on black, I post my journal entries on blogger in a colour scheme that is easier on certain people's eyes. Blogger also has a comment feature if you're into that sort of thing.

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