"And I tell you this, this child shall not die, nor shall he be thrown from the Three Realms and branded as outcast. He shall be my son, and I shall be his father; it shall be my blood which courses through his veins. He shall have his chance to grow great in the eyes of man and beast and to seek salvation from the curse which lies so heavily upon him. You shall not have his blood today." Thus spoke Lyght, King of the Realm of Magic.

Thus begins the story of Orion--a warrior surrounded by mystery and bound by a dark curse. His love for a princess will bring him through war, torment, and darkness and lead him to his destiny.

Enter Lairannare, the Realm of Earth, where evil Magics known as Powers seek to gain authority through oppression and tyranny. This is the story of those who fight them and those who serve them--the story of the battle for freedom, the quest for love, and the search for redemption. Lairannare is the place where the noble and beautiful meet all which is evil in a desperate struggle for dominion.

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Yes, that's right! You can own your very own copy of Tapestry of Power.

It is available in the wonderous, oversized dimensions of 6x9 inches with a lovely soft cover binding featuring a picture painted by your's truly.

At only $15 it seems pretty affordable to me, and you get to have the pleasure of having a copy of this book on your bookshelf for years to come--which I (as an obsessive bibliophile) think is pretty darn awesome.